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Product Name Pest Spectrum Lamp
Product Category Lights & Lighting » Outdoor Lighting » Garden Lights
Product Keyword lamp ; pest lamp ; pest spectrum lamp
Model/Article No GP-LH18A Product Origin
Payment Method T/T

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Auto mantic Pest Removal, Seen First Time In China
◆ Saving Cost of labor used   ◆ Improving the pest trap rate
◆ Increasing the mortality   ◆ Rate of slow rustiness
◆ Improving the service life of booster
1.Designing Principle

     Self-cleaning Automatic Pest Spectrum Lamp Uses the principle that UV light at 365+/-50nm has strong performances of light, wave, color attraction for pests. and determines the wavelength of induction, and a special optical source is developed to utilize low-temperature plasma produced by lightning, and UV radiation will give birth to the effect of phototropism and induce the pests to fly towards the light source, while there is high-voltage shocking net outside the light source. and the web will kill pests, which will drop into the special pest bag, thus pests may be killed.

    Rain Control
    Light control
    Inclination control
Volume : 470 X 470 X 720 (mm)
And insecticide area network : 2640 cm2
3. Main accessories

Controller of GP-LH18A TYPE

Epoxy encapsulation technology 、Humid environment inhibition、 Stable performance 、 Extended life of controller

Pressure device of GP-LH18A TYPE

Using Taiwan technology 、 MFL structure 、Stable performance and safe use、 Strong insecticide force 、 Extended life of pressure device
4. Scope of application
It may be widely used to agriculture, forestry, vegetables, storage, tea leaves, tobacco, gardens, sheds, grape gardens, brewery, urban greening, aquiculture, and it may kill:
(1) Vegetable pests: Spodoptera exigua hubner, spodoptera litura F., plutella xylostella, oebia undalis, potato moth, snout moths larva, changa.
(2) Paddy pests: rice borers, leaf hopper, rice stem borer, yellow rice borer, rice fulgorid, rice leaf roller.
(3) Cotton pests: cotton bollworm, ranville worm, pink worm, cotton geometrid.
(4) Fruit tree pests: Grapholihta molesta, geoetrid moth, fruit-sucking moths, yellow peach grub.
(5) Forest Pests: Hyphantria cunea tiger-moth, satin moth, pine moth, pine sphinx moth, aphrodisium, anoplophora glabripennis, phigalia djakonvi moltrecht, leaf roller, apocheima cinerarius erschoff, poplar moth, green leaf hopper.
(6) Wheat pests: gelechiid moth, army worm
(7) Minor cereals pests:jowar borer, maize borner, soybean pod borer, greenish brown hawk moth, foxtail millet borer, apple-orange butterfly.
(8) Underground pests: cutworms, heliothis assulta guenee, night flying beetle, propylaea japonica, coccinella septempunctala.
(9) Meadow pests: grasshopper, meadow moth, leaf beetle.
(10) Storage pests: large gnawing beetle, little gnawing beetle, gelechiid moth, dark mealworm, S.Paniceum, rice moth, harmonia axyridis, and etc. there are 1326 pests.